Designing Custom Patches that Effectively Promotes Business

Custom patches are recognized as a powerful tool used to promote businesses, including startups and business-related events like trade shows. However, it will only serve as a powerful tool if the emblems are designed the right way. And you must know that there are several factors to be considered before you can state that you have made effective promotional patches. So if you are planning to start a business or organizing business events, and wish to use patches to promote it, you need to know how to properly design an effective one first.

Custom Patches for Business Promotion Purposes

As a powerful promotional tool, a custom patch is beneficial in two ways. It gives and establishes an organization’s personal identity and serves well in branding purposes. The fact that emblems offer versatile use adds more to the advantages it can offer. But as said, the effectiveness of this promotional tool will only be realized if you know what it takes to design emblems that draw audience’s attention. Below, you will find a list of what you need to do to create such design.

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Design Tips to Create Patches that Effectively Promotes

Determine What You Want to Convey

It is in this stage when you have to determine what you want to convey with the patches. You can ask yourself about the particular promotion purpose you intend to use the patches and where it will be used to answer that. If you are planning to hire a professional, make sure to communicate your concept well so that they can effectively integrate it on the design. Also, ensure that you choose a professional with an established reputation in turning ideas into well-made output.
Decide the Elements to Use

A patch is composed of various design elements, and each of them needs to be designed and considered well to create an effective output. The elements are:

•    Text – Do you need to incorporate text into the design? If so, it needs to be clear. Avoid using small letters because they tend to lose sharpness as well as details when applied in the final output. Use the recommended letter size, which should be 1/8-inch tall and wide. The letters must also be in block.

•    Size, Shape and Borders – The size of the patch depends on the item where it will be used. The general rule is bigger items should be made with bigger patches. But generally, the patch must be 3-inch wide and tall.

For the shape, you can design the patch in a square, circular or in a fancy cut. Then there’s the border. Both the width and style of the border must be considered well.

The purpose of adding this element is to enhance the visual appeal as well as impact of the patch. However, be sure to incorporate the border properly on the design otherwise, it will only create confusion on the overall effect. The types of borders you can choose from are the merrowed and hot-cut border. Merrowed border is the type that wraps the patch’s edges while the hot-cut border is suitable for designs with complicated angles and shapes.

•    Color – Using high contrast colors is recommended when designing custom patches. This is advised to ensure that even the finer details will remain noticeable, especially at a distance. It is also the key to drawing attention and ensures that the patch will be visible. Also, make sure to use a lighter background if your letters or design elements use dark colors.

Patch and Backing Type

How do you want to create the patch? You can have it embroidered to achieve a raised design, woven to achieve finer detail without needing to raise the design much or have it dyed, which is the type that lets you achieve the most detail. For the backing options, you can choose from Velcro patch, button loop patch, tape-backing patch and iron on patch. The option you choose will determine how your custom patches will be attached on your intended items.

There is only one more thing left to consider once all those things above are finalized. Make sure to keep your design simple. Don’t put too many information or detail since you only have enough space you can use on the patch to fit all those. You may also consult with experts to ensure and check if you’ve created an effective design that follows the guidelines on custom patch designing.

Here we come know about the custom patches and how we can used this for promoting business.. By making effective designing on patches we make business onto heights…

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