Ever heard of misters?

You sit on the patio, the sun rays burning hot on your lawn. It’s a blinding day, and every inch of movement seems to trigger a waterfall of perspiration.

It’s summer again. Electric bills are rising due to the frequent use of the air conditioning system, and so is the water bill from taking too much baths in an attempt to ward off the summer heat. However, there’s this one humble appliance that’s definitely worth looking into, a refreshing addition to your home that might just be the perfect buddy while you relax on your patio.

These items are called Misters – outdoor cooling systems that are perfect for the summer.

These are basically cooling systems that use atomized water droplets to create a cool ambiance. These can effectively drop the temperature to an average of 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Misters are exclusively used outdoor to make the temperature more bearing and comfortable. It also adds a highly refreshing ambiance to anyone in the vicinity. Some of the most common places where one can findthese systems are restaurants, resorts, golf clubs, and public pools.

If you’re wondering how they look like, they can come in single nozzle forms, expelling a jet of mist and spreading it through the air. This is ideal for smaller venues, such as a home patio or a small backyard tent. Meanwhile, others come in multiple nozzle forms, which cover larger areas such as resorts, golf clubs, and restaurants.

MistersBy spraying a mist in the area, water droplets are spread in the air. Due to the intense temperature, these water droplets are almost instantaneously evaporated. This is known as flash evaporation. When this happens, the air is cooled down, and the temperature decreases. Flash evaporation also avoids leaving wet puddles or soaked areas, because water is instantly evaporated even before it touches on anything. There is minimal wetness that can happen due to mists.

The summer breeze also contributes greatly to the vastness of area it can cool down. The wind helps in circulating the cooled air throughout your patio.

Other forms of water misters include high pressure and low pressure. The most common found in households is the low pressure variant, as this can easily be installed to a garden hose and provide a fine mist. However, one must note that the high pressure variant leads to a finer mist, generating a cooler sensation and faster evaporation process, ergo a faster effect of the mister.

Outdoor CoolingOne of the advantages of using this system is it can help save electricity. By using water cooling system instead of turning on the air conditioner, one is able to utilize less energy. The cost of water cooling is tons less than the amount generated by using the air conditioner. They are also generally simple to install and does not require expert handling. It all works through the nozzle, so a simple garden hose installed with a mister can be your springboard. They are also expandable by adding multiple nozzle systems around your home.

So next time you’re feeling a bit sizzled by the summer sun, try misters. This simple cooling system might just be the solution to your woes about the heat. With a tad bit of science, comfort is within your reach. You also get to enjoy your patio on a beautiful summer day without worrying about the intense temperature. It’s also cost effective and ideal for everyone. Additionally, there are lots of variants available in the market, so whether you’re a business owner, a pet lover, or a simple homeowner looking for some comfort amidst the dehydrating heat, then misters are the way to go.

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