Logo Lanyards for Professionals

Lanyards are popular nowadays, especially among the youth. Students use them as ID straps or mobile phone straps, and lanyards are sometimes given away as souvenirs, but did you know that even professionals can make use of lanyards?

Logo lanyardLogo lanyards can be used as ID straps in the workplace. With the appropriate width, style and design, they can look professional and they need not look “loud”. Lanyards can also be used in conferences or conventions. Not only do they serve as identification—they become part of the ‘credentials’ along with the certificate of participation and can also serve as a freebie one can use even after the event.

Brand promotion is another use for lanyards. Lanyards can be given away as freebies or corporate gifts. They serve as subtle advertising for brand recall which benefits the company, and utility which benefits the recipient.

Logo lanyards come in various materials and styles. Slimmer neck lanyards are usually used for ID straps in offices, and usually have the company or office name printed on them.

Thicker logo lanyards are more visible; also, they provide larger space for printing either a larger company name or logo. Another line of text can be added and can be used for placing sponsors. This is good for convention lanyards. Wrist lanyards are another option. This kind of lanyard can be used for pouches or key chains. They use less material compared to neck lanyards.

Another reason to get lanyards for your company is that they are relatively cheap. You can get customized lanyards by using any of the various lanyard customization services available online. Lanyard cost is affected by the kind of material used, the width of the material, the kind of printing for the design, and the kinds of attachments on the lanyard. Lanyards can come in cotton, polyester, or nylon, and attachments range from bulldog clips, split rings, break-away buckles to badge clips.

The following is a list of some of the popular types of logo lanyards:

Dye sublimated-This kind of lanyard can have multicolor imprints on both sides. Heat and pressure are used to print the image, and the imprint does not sit on the surface of the material. This insures that the imprint is not worn or scraped.
Imprinted nylon-This kind of lanyard is smooth and shiny, resulting in a lanyard that is more visible. It is good for intricate designs.
Woven-This kind of lanyard does not utilize printing; instead, it uses multiple colors of thread woven together. This results in a lanyard that is clean, soft and professional-looking. One disadvantage of choosing a woven lanyard is that it is limited to simple designs. Woven lanyards come in nylon and polyester variants.
Imprinted tubular-This kind of lanyard is soft and uses silk screen printing. It is economical yet professional-looking.
Polyester-This kind of lanyard is stylish and affordable, and images are well-printed.
Cord/shoestring– This kind of lanyard is slim and comfortable but due to its width, text is not as visible as it is with wider styles of lanyards.


Lanyards are not at all expensive. One hundred pieces of 5/8″ width lanyards can cost as low as $1.80. Most websites ship free of charge and even allow you to get some types of lanyard attachments for free. As for designing the lanyards, you can opt to send in your own design or have the manufacturer create it. Some lanyard-making websites offer lanyard designing for free. Truly, designing and ordering lanyards for your organization or company is a quick and easy process that even the busiest executive can do!

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