The Purpose of Custom Challenge Coins

Custom challenge coins are coins that companies order for special events. The company logo, slogan, and the company’s mission statement are printed on the coins. The coins are not just for ornamental purposes; they are also used in different organizations to serve an important cause.

Members of the US military carry this special coin with them all the time to symbolize unit identity and esprit de corps. These coins are minted for military units, each bearing specific mottos and symbols. These coins remain to be an important part of military life and are valued by troops in every branch of service.

Soldiers, airmen, marines, and sailors carry their coins anywhere they go. These coins identify the owner as a member of a specific unit with a well-defined mission and history. And each time they gather, they challenge each other by coining.

The Popularity of Challenge Coins

Military coins became popular during the Vietnam War, inspired by military forces that created coins to display their identity and their strong bond. Other groups wanted their own coin to symbolize their pride and build camaraderie and membership within an elite group.

custom coinsA challenge coin is not just a token. This is a great source of pride for America’s warriors at every level in the chain of command. Those with a higher rank use them as on-the-spot awards. Some military leaders use these coins as gifts to civilian VIPs or foreign dignitaries.

Essentially, one should have his challenge coin all the time. Coin checks remain part of military life, and several penalties are still handed over to those who forgot to bring their coins.

How A Soldier’s Life Was Saved By His Challenge Coin: A True Story

The soldier’s plane was damaged severely. The Germans caught him and he was taken captive after his plane crash-landed on enemy territory. The Germans took everything he had except his challenge coin in a leather satchel. The British bombarded the Germans and the soldier took advantage of the situation and escape. He put on a military outfit and successfully escaped the Germans; however, the French did not recognize him as well. When the French was about to put him to death, he showed his medallion. One of the French soldiers noticed the American insignia and he was released.

Other Uses of Challenge Coins

Various NGOs, colleges, churches, schools, and organizations use them to show support for a noble cause. For example, there are several people who support the campaign against AIDS. They put on these coins to create and build awareness for their said cause. Each year, various organizations supporting an advocacy distribute their own customized coins. While these organizations serve a global issue, the color, text, design, graphics, are customized to signify that specific organization.

Customized Coins for Special Occasions

There are lots of people who purchase customized challenge coins during special events. Even private individuals believe that using these coins for their personal event will make it more memorable. Some of the events include 9/11 day, Thanksgiving Day, Parents’ Day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and other important days that are commemorated globally. Many small and big companies use coins to promote their present and future products. This inexpensive but expressive material is great for advertising a company’s products and services.

For customizing these coins, there are lots of options. The variations can be done in the shape, graphics, logo, material, color, text, and others. The materials used in making these coins also vary. Some are made of gold and others are made of silver. These coins are definitely more expensive compared to other types of challenge coins.

Custom challenge coins are a symbol of the bond you share with fellow unit members, an indicator of the unique experiences you share.

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