Top strategies in link building

Link Building, as its name suggests, is the process of developing links of a website to external pages. The main goal of this process is to improve the rankings of such page in the search results. The more linkages a certain page has to external websites, the higher its ranking on the search engine becomes.

The internet is dubbed as a virtual world. In any world, one needs to stand out among the crowd to be noticed. That is exactly the purpose of link building – to have a certain website stand out amongst the billions of sites in the internet. The number of websites hit the two-billion mark last 2015. With that, standing out is truly a difficult thing to do. But with the help of link building and other strategies, web owners need not fear anymore.

There are several strategies in link building. A newbie may find himself lost in the process of picking which strategy to use. However, the experts in the field have spoken! The following are some of their top strategies in link building.

Content-based link building

link buildingContent-based link building relies heavily on the quality and quantity of the website’s content. In the content-based link building strategy, there are 3 Rs to remember – relatable, readable and respectable.

First and foremost, the content of the website must be relatable. It has to appeal to the market. For the website to be visited often, it has to capture the attention of the readers. The title of the website is very important. The topics and the articles of the website should also appeal to the readers.

Second, it has to be readable, in the sense that the grammar and the spelling is correct. Also, the formatting of the website is also important. The font and the color of text and the background is also something you should be careful of. Pick a color that will be easy on the eyes. Aside from articles, you could also include videos, infographics and pictures on your website to make it more aesthetically appealing.

Lastly, the site has to be respectable. And by respectable, this means that the site has to have literary integrity. If works of other people were mentioned or certain quotes were used, they should be properly cited. The content has to be truthful as well so as not to lose the site’s and the brand’s credibility.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media MarketingAnother favorite of many link building experts is marketing through social media accounts. Almost a billion people have access to Facebook alone. Several millions have Twitter, Instagram and other social media. Social Media is a great way to get your thoughts, ideas, and plans across. As a result, entrepreneurs and online marketers have used it to their advantage.

To increase, site visits, make a social media account that would direct back to your main website. With just a click, you could already have your product advertised to hundreds of people. Your customers, in turn, could also like, share, retweet and post about your products leading their friends and followers to your site as well.


BloggingBlogging is the last on the list of the top strategies in link building. It is a combination of the first two strategies. In blogging, you ask or pay someone else to blog about your brand and post it on their website. They would also need to include details about your product and link it back to your website. It’s a win-win situation for both the blogger and the brand owner. The blogger gets paid and has additional content in his blog while the brand owner gets his brand publicized.

In blogging, the take on the brand is new and fresh since it is seen in a new perspective. Also, the traffic sent by the blog entries is pretty much permanent since as long as the blog and the link is active, it will still continue to generate traffic.

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